Smiling Face Project

Smiling Face Project by Denise the happy girl..

The sentence "We are supposed to develop wherever we are always" can be used as a motto for our project forever..

Feb 6th, 2015 was the first day I started building the project for helping injured animals, poor children and making people see the importance of preserving the environment and help each other to make it to be a better place. It means that it doesn't matter  you consume our products or not, we are doing a little change to this world together and I wish you would be a part of us through our own social work projects or the organizations that are our friends.

Elephants, horses and turtles are animals I am worried most

"Because of all animals are my beloved friends and a part of my family, that's why I am strongly standing to help you until the end"

Thai Turtle

The 3 kinds of animals I am paying attention to most are elephants, horses and turtles. By the end of 2014 was the first year Thailand regulated the Acts for protecting animals and it was the TSPCA which was the leader to make this possible. In a few months, many cruel men got arrested because of hurting and killing animals and this shows that many people do not think that animals are friends and sharing this beautiful world with us. Thailand may not be like a paradise for animals as in Canana, America or European countries but we love animals here and our country is in the middle of improving animal welfare.


Children are an important human resource that I must care about, too.

It is said that a family is the smallest part in society but it is playing the most important part of everyone's life.

This statement above is completely true but not all children are lucky as we are. Some are left by parents or parents passed away since they were so young. Without parents, I believe that it must be very hard to pass through all harsh conditions and difficult situations. When I was a kid studying at Regina Coeli Collage School The school took my friends and me to children's home often to learn how to keep others warmth with love, especially those who are not lucky like us. Once, I looked after 5 month old babies at Bann Vieng Ping children's home and I noticed that they wanted attention from me  ( in another term want love from parents) but their reaction was hitting and hurting themselves. Even though, the babies were only 5 months but they knew how to hurt themselves by knocking their heads so hard at the floor. I was so shocked and unhappy to see it. At this moment, I knew exactly that they wanted me to hold them with love and care. Parents are very important to all babies!! I really couldn't imagine what my life would be without dad and mom. So, I would like The Smiling Face Project to be an access of helping them somehow. Then, my project has divided into 2 parts. One will be just like a helping hand to help Prof. Dr. D. Michael Shafer and Madam Evelind Schecter, the founder of Warm Heart Foundation to develop the poorest local area in the north of Thailand to be a place that people would be able to sustain life themselves in the future and I would connect people there to help . Another one be for helping the poor children around our Papaya and Roselle fields in Tak Province to work as a part time job and earn some money from us.. Don't worry! They will get paid fairly from us. This is my plan for helping people and animals in 2015. Hope this project is making you have a smiling face now. 🙂

Think Green always is a part of my life

"The nature and good environment gives me such a nice life, it deserves nice surrounding in return, too"

Everyone deserves a nice place to live and the quality of life is related to the environment they live in. Unfortunately, things are not going as we want always. Many people get ill caused by food in everyday life. Producers use unpleasant substances in food, farmers use chemical fertilizers to double the output of production, lifestyle of some people make them eat bad and junk food. One of the reasons to make us stay healthy is what we eat ( I mean what are in what we eat) Sometimes, you thought you ate healthy food such as fish, vegetables and fruits but we can never know it exactly. So, it is one of our duties to improve this by teaching local farmers nearby to know how to grow fruit with responsibilities to the environment and we hire the young to work for us as a part time job so they are able to make money themselves as well.

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