services overview

  • Roasting Arabica and Robusta Coffee

      Roasting coffee is not easy to do. roasters must have a very professional skill. Our coffee roaster has been in this field for more…

  • Grinding tea

    Some tea come to our factory as leaves. To pack them into your tea bags or bottles of tea, it needs to be grounded into…

  • Producing coffee and tea packaging as your order

    One of our main services is Coffee and Tea packaging. We produce both aluminium foil bags and Kraft bags. Design of your packaging does not…

  • Drying Herbs/Flowers

    Here are the list of our herbs available under Bendito Coffee Co., Ltd. Blue Pea Roselle Chinese Tea Pandan Jamine Rosemary Marigold We grow them…

services list

  • Roasting Coffee
  • Drying fruits and herbs
  • Grinding spices and herbs
  • Applying coffee valves
  • Designing coffee and tea packaging
  • Shipping and logistics
  • Packing

Useful info

Have you ever known how important it is to apply valves on coffee bags?

It is very important to have valves always as roasted coffee release some gas. Without coffee valves, coffee bags would explode and then coffee's taste would eventually go wrong and coffee suppliers would waste money and time on it.

If we release gases out of coffee bags by making a tiny hole on a bag, it sounds like the problem is solved but this is completely wrong as osmosis process would do its job and oxygen in the air reacts with coffee and make your coffee goes wrong!! Coffee valves prevent oxygen in the air to pass through coffee bags but they allows gases in bags to get out. Then, no osmosis process and coffee bag explosion occur if you use standard coffee valves.