Roasted Coffee

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Everyone loves Coffee by its smell and taste. Once you drink coffee, you could be fascinated by it easily. Here, we have 3 different levels of coffee roast available and we roast Thai Arabica and Robusta only. Our roasters are very professional with high skill of roasting and experience. So, you can be confident with our coffee. Many foreign tourists who come to Thailand complained that they could not find good coffee and need to buy coffee from aboard monthly. Once you have tasted our coffee, you would know that our taste is one of the best in Thailand! It is very tasty and adorable as coffee in your home.

Our Arabica Coffee Beans are grown by the tribe in the north of Thailand. We have coffee green beans which are grown higher from the sea level above 700 meters - 1,200 meters and all of the beans are processed by the wet processing. The beans are sorted out by its area, size, moisture, elevation and the day of processing, so this would give us the best condition of the beans for roasting coffee. All of the beans have the same size each time we roast and not more than 1 percent of beans are broken. We roast them for 3 levels usually. They are light, medium and medium-dark roast. For Dark or Italian roast, it could be done by a custom order.

Robusta Coffee Beans that we roast are from southern Thailand. Its aroma is adorable. Robusta gives a stronger taste than Arabica. We process them by both the wet and dry processing. Our clients usually order from us to blend for them by their own proportion to give the taste they need.

There are different grades of Arabica Green Bean Coffee available. Please contact us directly for samples and details.

Remark* Pea Berry Arabica Coffee is available MOQ:10 kg.

We deliver samples of roasted coffee 100g. worldwide. Please feel free to contact us or leave a message at

Here  is a list of roasting level available

Grades of coffee roasting

  • Light roast
  • French roast
  • Medium roast
  • Dark roast (Recommended)
  • Extra dark roast


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