Thai herbs have been well-known for a long time. Herbs are plants that are used as perfume, medicine, food and flavoring. They contain a lot of essential materials which are able to cure some disease very well.  One of the most important thing people prefer to use herbs more than medicines because it is safe and not artificial. That means that you can be sure that there would not be any chemical substances left in your body. Different herbs work on and cure different diseases. Even though it is traditional medicine that people used in the past but we could prove that they work totally well to keep our bodies balanced and cure many diseases. Usually, if herbs are grown organically, there would not be any chemicals left and that is the best choice for producing medicines  from herbs and making food.

Even though it is very rare to find organic herbs these days but Bendito Coffee Co., Ltd. has been supplying some kind of organic herbs for beverage and food such as Roselle and Butterfly pea which you can be sure that it is safe for you to drink daily to keep you healthy by their properties.

roselleBendito Coffee., Ltd. started to grow Roselle its own field in 2014. We grow and crop this once a year for supplying it to other exporting companies. We dry it by a drying machine only, there are no herbs from us dried under the sunlight because of the fungi. So, you can be confident in our products.

For customers who want to buy roselle herbs need to contact us for checking and booking if there is some available due to it has been grown for 2 tons a year only.

Blue Pea or Butterfly pea is also well khown for its strong blue natural colour which we use it for adding in food and beverage to make blue colour. Our Blue Pea is grown by local people in the northern Thailand but they are dried by us before distributing. There are over 5 tons available each year.






PuerariaPueraria mirifica is one of our Thai herb products which is allowed to sell domesticly only. It is very rare. You can find them in the forest and can't grow them yourselves because you will not get the needed essential material for making medicine. This herb contains some essential materials which act as Phytoestrogens, they are miroestrol and deoxymiroestrol. Its function is to stimulating woman characteristics; it makes women's breasts expand for 0.5-1 inche within 2-3 months, it stimulates breasts to expand until it has reached its limit; there is 'miroestrol' which gives clear and shine skin for women when they use only a small amount but gives the opposite reaction when they use it too much. The essential material of this herb is not permanent. If you stop taking it, your skin would be back to be the same within 2-3 weeks. We can delivery only 500g. each time to customers by law in Thailand. There is no this herb in stock, customers need to contact first and we will delivery to you within 2 weeks.


Chrysanthemum tea or Flower Chinese tea, is one of the most favorite herb of Thai people. You can drink it in almost every restaurant in Thailand. It contains Flavonoid, Chrysanthemin, Adenine, Stachydrine, Choline and Amino acid which improve and cure Coronary heart disease and reduce heart failure. For a better taste, Jujube is usually added.








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