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Fruit Tea by Bendito is homemade premium tea which gives you the perfect combination of fruit flavored mixed with a variety of tea. There are more than 45 flavors that would make you feel relax and release stress. Its aroma is naturally fabulous that could make you smile always!

Bendito Fruit tea is our newest product and we started to market it in January, 2015. Because of the fantastic flavors and aroma, our fruit tea is also being served in 2 spa shops in Bangkok, Thailand now.


Bendito nylon tea bagsPyramid tea bags

Some factories use old style of tea bags which contains white bleach (sodiumhydrosulfite) and it is harmful to our body, especially if we drink tea everyday because it irritates your skin and internal organs such as your mouth, throats and stomach. Moreover, it is so harmful that you might not be able to breathe normally, causes high blood pressure, stomachache, headache, vomit, loss consciousness or die eventually.

This is a reason why we choose the best tea bag that is safe for you. It is called 'Pyramid Tea Bag' which is made of Nylon. It is NOT dangerous when you pour warm or hot water in a cup of tea. All Bendito Tea customers can be confident for the safety in our drink products.


Here is a table of fruit tea flavor that we have..

Fruit Tea NameWeight per tea bag (g.)Weight per bottle (g.)
Bora Bora 2 g. 14 g.
Oriental Mocha Tea 3 g. 19 g.
Orangie 3 g. 19 g.
Jolly Time 3 g. 19 g.
My Berries 2 g. 14 g.
Berry Macaron 2 g. 14 g.


Fruit tea packaging


We pack fruit tea in to a kraft-foil bag packaging and in a bottle as shown here. The inside of the bag is made up of aluminum foil and the outer part is covered by kraft. Each pack has 1 tea bag inside so you can have them to be a present for someone special on birthday or other impressed occasions. We also use a pack of silica in every tea bottom to prevent moisture that might occur. Two sizes of tea bottoms are 14-25 g. and 35-50g.



Green tea matcha

coffeephotobybendito5The traditional Japanese tea ceremony centers on the preparation, serving, and drinking of matcha. In modern times, matcha has also come to be used to flavour and dye foods such as mochi and soba noodles, green tea ice cream and a variety of wagashi (Japanese confectionery). The former is often referred to as ceremonial-grade matcha, meaning that the matcha powder is good enough for tea ceremony. The latter is referred to as culinary-grade matcha.

'Bendito green tea matcha' can be used to make cakes and ice cream. Its flavor is matched to the taste of Thai people and you can add our matcha in green tea milk or serve as topping of your beverages as well.


Thai tea milk

thaiteamilkbybenditocoffeeThai tea milk is one of the most flavored milk tea in Thailand. It tastes sweet and make you feel fresh especially on very hot days. Ground milk tea can be used to make tea by a cappuccino machine mixed with condensed milk and other type of milk. It is also nice to make Thai milk shake from it. 250g. , 500 g. and 1,000g. bag of tea available.







Green tea milk

greenteamilkbybenditocoffeeGreen milk tea always make your day. Bendito Coffee is a supplier of ground green milk tea for many coffee shops and tea companies. The ground tea from us are still young when they are picked from its trees to give good taste. So, you can be confident with its taste. It smells so great as well. It's suitable for making green tea milk, milk shake, frappe green tea and to make cakes.








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