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Our Products


Water Drip Irrigation System dripbagpipecopyright

Drip Irrigation is also known as trickle or Micro irrigation which is now the best method of watering and giving plants fertilizers because this will save water better than other methods. It works by watering plants bit by bit as a drip of water which makes the water pump take time longer than other methods but it saves on manpower time. This could also save the electricity bill because of the use of solar water pump and timer machine.

Even though, water drip irrigation system is well known among agriculturists but there are a lot of people have no idea what it is and how it works. Our website would not only represent our products and what we are doing but we would like to share knowledge with everyone and for our customers to see how we work on it.

Here, at Bendito Papaya field in Tak Province, the founder of Bendito Coffee, Denise Suwunnavid has learned how the system works and she is working on all the field herself. So, we are building the drip water system on the area of 8,000 sqm. for watering 1,100 papaya trees and another 8,000 sqm. of Roselle herbs. We use only two  5-power horse- solar water pump as well as the timer machine for counting what time the system starts pumping water from the pond to water all the plants  for 3 hours each day. The system would give water about 30 drops of water per minute only. By this way, our papaya trees would be able to process photosynthesising all day long and this would be one of the reasons for giving wonderful  fruit for us to taste. Because of the little water each minute, the system would spend time for a few hours but there is no need for farmers to do this job except adding Bio-Extract into the tank of fertilizer once a week only. This is completely beneficial to the company to save costs, labours to save time and energy and the fruits to photosysthesis the whole day.

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Organic fertilizer & Biochar
We are friendly to the environment always and this is the reason why Horse Manure will be used as the organic fertilizer for both Papaya trees and on Reselle fields. .


Agricultural electric fence


We have changed the phone numbers  Bendito coffee and tea has changed the telephone number to be+66-2-309-3621 & fax number is +66-2-309-3535 which there is an operator answering the phone in Thai and English from 8.30-17.30 hours/Mon.-Fri. We are closed at weekends and every public holidays. We would like to tell you that there are now two regions that you can approach, they are Belgium and Europeans countries Tel. +32495214907 and in Malaysia please call +60327271891 and make an appointment with us. Due to the admin of our facebook page is not able to log in, we need to create a new page, it is please feel free to 'like' us there.. News updated on Nov 14th, 2015
img Thai FDA and GMP for coffee and tea  We have been selling roasted coffee and tea without FDA when we first started the company. xxxxxxxx.
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Our alliance and social work

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